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The Signature Cornerstones of Ebenezer Senior Living

For more than 100 years, Ebenezer has led the way in developing programs designed to support older adults in living their best lives. Over the years, these programs have become part of who we are and remain the cornerstones of our quality lifestyle promise. While there are many components to our high-quality programming – each deserving of attention – our Signature Cornerstones highlight what sets Ebenezer Senior Living and all our communities apart from the rest.

Ebenezer’s signature cornerstones include:

  • Life Long Learning
  • Dimensions Memory Care
  • Crafted Culinary
  • Faith Foundations
  • Person-Centered Care
  • Intergenerational Connections

Life Long Learning

Life Long Learning is the process of keeping your mind, body, and spirit engaged, at any age, by actively pursuing knowledge and experience. Designed to help our residents learn and grow, Ebenezer’s Life Long Learning is a collection of coordinated arts and education assisted living programs that include:

  • Creative engagement: Opportunity to imagine and to grow
  • Individual expression: Sharing ideas in a safe and supportive environment
  • Community: Working together to learn and to create
  • Legacy: Sharing and passing on the work created

Research has shown that with opportunities for self-expression and discovery, seniors experience vibrant living, artistic growth, and improved mental and physical health. Life Long Learning helps individuals stay connected to their world, both locally and beyond, and it is an essential part of the Ebenezer senior living experience.

Dimensions Memory Care

Ebenezer’s exclusive Dimensions program stresses the importance of understanding the needs of a person with dementia and trains caregivers to respond to them with compassion and creativity. Our award-winning program is designed to ensure that all our senior memory care residents receive exceptional, compassionate care that meets them where they are.

Our Dimensions program uses evidence-based practices including:

  • Wellness: Person-centered, relationship-based care with an emphasis on hydration and nutrition for all dementia residents to ensure their comfort and well being
  • Training: Delivering innovative, ongoing, hands-on education to our staff
  • Engagement: Fostering purposeful, pleasurable, creative interactions and activities for adults with dementia
  • Environment: Creating calm surrounding and seeking psychosocial solutions and support
  • Education and Support: Providing education and support to families and care partners

Our Dimensions Coordinator oversees the multi-faceted, memory care program. Our goal is to make a dramatic difference in the life of your loved one.

Crafted Culinary

At Ebenezer, we offer a restaurant-style dining hall with fresh and seasonal meals that are always crafted with care. From our 5-star chefs, our residents enjoy new menus of made from scratch meals. Our signature culinary program is excellent in every way.

  • 5-Star Chef-Prepared
  • Abundance of Food Choices
  • Restaurant-Style Dining
  • Dietary Considerations

The “Ebenezer” Difference

At Ebenezer, our sites get the added benefits of having support from our Corporate Pastry Chef to assist with parties and special events. Our Corporate Registered Dietitian assists with special diets and offers 1:1 support to answer your nutrition questions. All of our culinary teams are highly trained and are provided with the knowledge and accreditations they need to grow in this career field.

Faith Foundations

Ebenezer began as a faith-based community of Norwegian immigrants back in 1917. We are proud of that heritage. The founders looked to their Lutheran faith to advocate for the poor, newly arrived immigrants, and especially for the forgotten seniors in their midst. They did so because their faith taught that all people, without exception, were created in the image of God.

We continue to intentionally ground ourselves in a faith-based mission. Much of the faith-based programming currently offered at Ebenezer is ecumenically diverse and in response to the overwhelming percentage of residents who identify as part of the Christian tradition.

We are blessed to continue to welcome residents and staff from a multitude of religious traditions. This diversity enhances our care for all people as well as providing new opportunities for both learning about and sharing faith traditions.

Person-Centered Care

Our person-centered care cornerstone at Ebenezer is the coordination of personalized care
throughout the continuum of integrated services. We serve our residents and their loved ones with genuine care, compassion, integrity, dignity, and love them like family.

Customized Care Plans

As a leader in the senior care industry, Ebenezer’s reputation of top-notch care is due in part to the detailed processes and customized plans that we create for our residents. Each resident that moves into our senior living housing receives a resident-centered plan of care that lists in detail what care and support they need along with the time and frequencies of those needs. We also incorporate considerations of special preferences.

Care Collaborations

Helping your loved one decide on a senior living community can be a difficult decision. You want to trust that you made the right decision not only for your parents but also that it meets your busy lifestyle as well. Ebenezer has over 100 years of experience in the senior living industry and has a strategic partnership with Fairview Health System which enhances our ability to meet the diverse needs of our residents and families. Our Fairview relationship enables our senior living communities to offer the best health resources, support, and care for the seniors we serve, including:

  • Onsite Visiting Nurse Practitioners and Physicians
  • In-home lab and x-ray services
  • Automatic refill and delivery of pharmaceutical services
  • Medicare-certified therapy teams including Skilled Nursing as well as Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy
  • Palliative and Hospice care

Intergenerational Connections

Ebenezer is proud to include Intergenerational Connections as one of our Cornerstones. Within this program we are committed to creating opportunities for our senior residents to connect with children and youth of all ages. This helps to bridge the generation gap, create learning opportunities for both the seniors and children as well as enrich the quality of their lives.

Through intergenerational connections, people of all ages share their talents and resources while providing support to one another. Intergenerational Connections benefit both the individuals and the community including:

  • Enhanced Socialization
  • Learning and Ongoing Skill Development
  • Improved Emotional/Social Development and Wellness
  • Sharing Life Experiences and Knowledge
  • Deeper Understanding of Diversity
  • Enhanced Quality of Life for Seniors and Children/Youth
  • Increased Self-Esteem and Self-Worth
  • Mutual Respect
  • Children Develop Patience and Responsibility