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Life as It Should Be

Our Mission
Creating purposeful lifestyles for seniors built around compassionate care and extraordinary experiences to learn, grow and play in a loving community. It’s life as it should be, now and into the future.

Oppidan Investment Company, a national property development firm, and Ebenezer Management Services, Minnesota’s largest senior living operator, have partnered since 2014 to bring seniors exceptional housing options. From our charming communities, to the purposeful, innovative, healthy and resident-driven experiences within, we are committed to providing the very best for our residents and their families.

Our name is inspired by the Pillars Fund, which was created and continues to be financed by Oppidan to positively touch the lives of seniors living in our communities. The Pillars Fund is used to immerse seniors in more than 50 enriching Senior and Memory Care programs through activities and other therapies to stimulate and engage our residents to the fullest.

Our Senior Living Signature Cornerstones

Serving seniors. It’s who we are and what we do.

As a part of Ebenezer Senior Living, the Pillars communities benefit from the award-winning, people-focused programs developed to support older adults. While there are many unique programs for the different communities and needs of its members, there are six cornerstones that tie all of the Ebenezer Senior Living communities together.

You can learn more about each of signature cornerstones below:

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