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The Pillars Peace Project

Flags in front of Pillars of Prospect Park

The Pillars of Prospect Park is an inclusive and welcoming community for everyone. Regardless of who you love, how you pray, where you are from or the color of your skin — you are welcomed here.

Our Peace Project is a visual, out-front display of that welcome, and a combination in a call for peace, representation and community engagement.

Each month, next to the American flag, we fly another county’s flag to represent the heritage and/or home country of someone living or working in our community. We want to be a community engaged in pushing forward the rights of justice and equality and hope that you too will be open to these ideas as we grow our own understandings and learn from each other.

In addition, our residents will help create and select bi-monthly community projects that offer you and our team a way to be engaged and make a real difference in the community because we know actions will always speak louder than words.