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The Top 4 Benefits of Adult Day Programs for Seniors

What is an adult day program?

Adult day programs offer personalized care for older adults who live at home or with family but want to stay active and enjoy the company of others. Not only are these programs a lot of fun for participants, but they also provide a range of additional benefits for participants.

At The Pillars, we understand that senior care comes in many different forms. For some seniors, adult day programs are a wonderful care option. Keep reading to learn more about the top four benefits of adult day programs.

The Benefits of Day Programs for Seniors

1. Social Time for Participants

Older woman in white jacket playing a card game outsideAdult day programs offer a great opportunity for older adults who live at home or with family to socialize, expand their network of friends, and stay engaged and connected. Everyone, regardless of age, benefits from a thriving, active social life.

These programs not only provide a venue for socialization, but many also integrate activities and entertainment into their daily lineup. Adult day program activities vary, but most programs include fun games and exercises meant to keep the mind and body sharp – think Sudoku, crossword puzzles, board games, and strength/balance movement.

Not only do these activities help exercise the mind and body, but they can also encourage more social interaction.

2. A Break for Caregivers

Even the most dedicated and loving caregivers need a break every once in a while. Senior day programs provide the perfect opportunity for a few hours of well-earned, caregiver rest.

These programs are also a great option for caregivers who need extra help covering a full day of care or those looking to supplement the care they provide with structured activities and programs.

Additionally, most day programs for seniors provide extra resources specifically for caregivers, and their structure creates a support network of professionals and friends. Adult day programs not only provide benefits for those being cared for, they are beneficial for caretakers as well.

If you aren’t located in Minnesota and don’t have access to The Pillars Adult Care Programs, consider finding local support.

3. Personalized Care

The best adult day programs provide individualized care and support for seniors that need it.

At The Pillars, we’ve included a variety of options  to help add an extra touch of care, such as:

  • Whirlpool baths
  • Podiatrist services
  • Beauty and barber services.

And for those who need specialized programming due to memory or other cognitive losses, senior day programs can be tailored to help.

4. Extra Cash In the Bank

Home care services are expensive. Luckily, senior day programs can provide a more cost-effective alternative.

Not only are day programs usually less expensive than home care services, but day programs for seniors have also been found to:

  • Reduce out-of-pocket health care costs,
  • Minimize the use of emergency departments
  • Delay the need for full-time medical care.

In every way, adult day programs help keep care costs down, and everyone’s spirits up.

To learn more about the care options available for your loved one at The Pillars senior living communities, get in touch with our team!