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Why Spirituality in Elderly Adults Improves Quality of Life

Two seniors sitting and discussing togetherWhat’s the key to aging well?

It’s just one factor of many, but engaging with spirituality and religion consistently improves the quality of life for seniors, leading to several positive effects.

Following Ebenezer’s faith-based senior housing heritage, we’re proud of our Faith Foundations cornerstone and strongly believe in the value of spiritual support. At The Pillars, we welcome residents and staff of all religious traditions.

Here are five benefits of embracing spirituality in your elderly years.

1. Purpose

As we age, transitioning out of our careers and moving past the years when we’re most needed as parents, it becomes essential to find new ways of engaging, exploring, and encouraging others.

Research shows that spirituality can play a part in helping seniors with healthy, positive aging by providing a sense of structure and understanding in our lives. Connecting to something larger than ourselves, serving others, and thinking beyond our own situation can truly improve the quality of our days.

2. Community

Supportive spirituality in elderly adults helps access communities that offer faith groups. Pursuing connections and investing in relationships, new and old, makes every day worth celebrating. By attending worship services, joining book or Bible studies, and sharing open conversations with other members of your faith, you form and strengthen relationships that enhance your life.

At faith-based senior housing that supports and encourages religious involvement, the social benefits spread throughout the community.

3. Hope

Seeing challenges arise in our life and the lives of the people we love can be difficult to manage. How we handle those challenges and maintain a sense of hope, has big implications for our health in later years.

Spirituality and religion can provide a strong support, lifting our spirits when we need it most. Connecting to faith gives seniors a mental boost to cope with illness and loss while helping them maintain the positivity that leads to recovery and new beginnings.

4. Brainpower

Keeping our brains active and engaged as we age is very important, and spirituality in elderly adults provides a jolt to our brainpower. Studies have shown that practicing religion helps slow cognitive decline, and for seniors living with dementia and other forms of memory loss, it can help reduce or stabilize cognitive disorders. Improving our mental capacity means improving every aspect of our life, including our health, relationships, and daily activities.

5. Health

Along with increasing brain function and offering an outlet for personal connection, religion and spirituality provide real psychological benefits that help improve health outcomes overall.

Seniors who rely on faith enjoy a more positive and hopeful attitude about life and illness, which predicts better health outcomes. They are less likely to develop depression and anxiety, and because of their renewed sense of purpose, they tend to have healthier habits and relationships. In short, belief, positivity, and hope lead to tangible improvements in our health and wellness.

At The Pillars and Ebenezer, our faith-based programming is ecumenically diverse, and we’re blessed to have residents and staff from a variety of religious traditions. Learn more about our Faith Foundations cornerstone!