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Moving to Senior Living Before a Crisis

Senior man and woman lovingly walk togetherWhy Wait for a Crisis?

Why do people wait until a health crisis happens before moving to senior living?

Unfortunately, we hear these stories far too often. “Well, mom didn’t want to leave her home, so we thought that we were helping her by keeping her home.”

The sad truth is, if you allow yourself or a loved one to wait until something bad happens, you may end up in a senior living community that’s not a good fit. This can cause you or your loved one to lose their sense of independence and sacrifice their quality of life.

If you were driving and heard loud noises coming from the car’s engine or a little smoke coming out of the hood, would you get it fixed or would you wait until the car completely broke down and you were stranded on the side of the road?

How to Know When to Move to Senior Living

Winter is coming and now is the time to think about all those risks to you or a loved one. Slipping on the ice or wandering outside in this cold weather can lead to a scary or even tragic ending. And after the crisis occurs, you’ll have to put together a plan for moving to a senior living community in a hurry. This doesn’t work well. Not for family members, and not for the person who has to quickly make a major lifestyle change.

Knowing how and when to move to a senior living community should be well thought out and planned with care, comfort and excitement! We can help with that.

Planning Your Move to Senior Living

Sometimes family members like to visit 3-5 different senior living communities to get a feel for the environment (layout, décor, amenities) and the people (both staff and residents). Then they’ll narrow it down to one or two favorites before bringing mom or dad to tour.

The family may even provide some context and personal background to the sales director, so he or she is prepared to point out the things that will be most valuable to the potential resident.

Mom or dad can come visit with the care team, try out the food, participate in an exercise class, join a card game, or just observe interactions throughout the building to see if they can picture themselves there, and make it their home.

When to Start Planning

By starting the process early, getting on a few waiting lists, and decluttering ahead of time, the transition will be much easier and enjoyable. It can be an exciting time in someone’s life – a chance to make new friends, learn a new craft, try new foods – but if it’s an emergency situation and the choices are limited, it will be traumatic.

So, don’t wait for a crisis to consider when to move to senior living and your care options, either for you or a loved one. Think of it as a “tune up” for the future, or even like buying a new car that better fits your current needs and will keep you safe and running smoothly for many more years.

Let’s get the conversation started! Reach out to our team to set up a tour and learn more about The Pillars Senior Living.