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Looking for Senior Housing? Ask These Three Questions First.

Choosing a senior living community can feel like a daunting task. To help narrow down your senior housing options, start by asking these three questions.

1. What type of senior housing do I need?

Not all senior housing is the same. There are many options to consider depending on the level of care you need.

Independent Senior Living

Independent living is for those who want to live on their own. It includes apartments, condominiums, or cooperative buildings designed for adults aged 55 and older. If you need a little extra help, you can contract services such as housekeeping, personal care, or wellness. 

Assisted Living

Assisted living for older adults offers a rental apartment for those who don’t require complicated, full time medical assistance. You can continue living independently, but care is there when you need it through care attendants and nurses. Additional services such as meals or housekeeping can be part of the package.

Memory Care

Memory care includes special touches for those with memory loss, such as uniquely designed apartments, specialized programming, and controlled exits to give you peace of mind knowing residents won’t wander off the property. Caregivers are also specially trained to work with people with dementia, providing a higher, more personalized level of care and attention.

Nursing Homes

Senior nursing homes offer high-level nursing care around the clock. Long-term care is provided for those who have serious or persistent health issues. There are also short-term care options – or transitional care – for those who need rehabilitation services after an illness or injury. Senior care nursing homes are licensed healthcare facilities that are inspected and regulated by the state department of health.

As an Ebenezer community, we offer a wide variety of senior living options in Minnesota – including memory care, independent, and assisted living communities and nursing homes. Each is designed to help you live more independent, meaningful, and secure lives.

2. What happens if I need advanced care?

If your care changes, make sure your senior living community is equipped to handle your shifting needs. Can you easily move from an assisted living to a nursing home? Is a hospital nearby if you need it? Can you keep your existing physician? Will your medical records easily be transferred?

Pillars is affiliated with Fairview Health Services which means you have a wealth of local resources at your disposal, from top-notch physicians to the latest in Alzheimer’s research.  Each day we are working to improve the quality and safety of patient care, which is how Ebenezer and Fairview became pioneers in the secure transmission of electronic health records between nursing homes and hospitals.

3. Where do I want to live?

Choosing senior housing brings exciting changes, like choosing the exact area you want to live. Do you prefer the familiarity of your current location and want to find senior housing in your own community? Or, do you look forward to moving closer to loved ones who may live in a different area? Perhaps you are interested in experiencing a new neighborhood altogether?

At Pillars, we have multiple senior living communities located throughout Minnesota offering independent living, assisted living, memory care in both urban and rural settings. Ebenezer has been Minnesota’s leader in senior housing, memory care and assisted living since 1917. For close to 100 years, our compassionate caregivers have been members of your community. Now, we invite you to be a part of ours.

Schedule a tour today to learn more about the vibrant senior living options at Pillars. We look forward to hearing from you.