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When Does Mom or Dad Need Assisted Living?

Aging. It’s difficult to see – especially in those you love. As you watch your loved one age, it raises a lot of questions.

What are the signs of normal aging? What are the signs of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia?  Can your parent or loved one care for themselves without help? What kind of help is best? Where can you go to get it? How can you tell if your loved one needs help (even when they insist they don’t)? And even more importantly, how can you talk to them about it?

We understand this confusion and we’ve talked to a lot of adult children, spouses, and caregivers going through the same experience. Below we outline four indicators to watch for when considering assisted living senior care.

1. Weight Loss

Is your loved one eating? Missing meals or showing signs of weight loss in elderly adults can be a sign of depression or dementia.  The most common reason, however, is that shopping for and preparing meals might just be too much for them to handle.

2. Poor Hygiene

Does your loved one look disheveled? Is he or she wearing dirty clothes, skipping baths? Sometimes fear of falling in the tub or shower can cause them to neglect their personal hygiene.

3. Decline in Home Appearance

What about their home? Are there piles of clutter? Dirty dishes, lots of

laundry, unemptied trash, or spoiled food everywhere? If your former “neat-nik” loved one is now living in clutter this is cause for concern.

4. Forgetfulness

Is your loved one often confused?  Over drawing bank accounts or missing bill payments? Do you often need to “redirect” them? This kind of cognitive decline and forgetfulness in elderly adults can be:

  • Problems with medication management
  • Mood swings

Did you answer yes to any of the questions above?

If you find yourself needing help with an aging loved one, Ebenezer at The Pillars can help provide you with the support and resources you need. Our assisted living programs offers:

  • Care management and coordination
  • Care Partner Support Groups
  • FREE Care Assessments for a Senior Housing Community
  • Fairview Home care
  • Caregiver Assurance
  • Adult day programs
  • Overall support and guidance navigating senior care options and resources

These, as well as our other assisted living services, will provide your loved one with a maintenance-free lifestyle so they don’t have to worry about bills, cleaning a house, buying or preparing meals, and other daily tasks. Along with our customized health and personal care plans, our assisted living program takes the stress out of your loved one’s life.

Let’s get the conversation started!

We encourage you to get in touch with The Pillars team to learn more about our assisted living senior care. Make sure to ask about our free Navigating Senior Care Options and Resources as well as a check list on What to Look for When Checking on Loved Ones!