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Unique U of M Collaborations for Extraordinary Experiences

We partner with the University of Minnesota Twin Cities to offer wonderful and unique experiences to our residents. Located right by the UMN campus, some of the benefits include free and discounted tickets to UMN sporting events, access to one-of-a-kind travel programs, onsite lectures and guest speakers, intergenerational activities, and more.

University of Minnesota Alumni Association Partnership

The Pillars of Prospect Park is proud to be the official senior living community of the University of Minnesota Alumni Association (UMAA). Several of our residents are University of Minnesota Alumni, former professors, employees, and supporters and they seek out The Pillars of Prospect Park because of our unique university partnerships.

All Pillars of Prospect Park residents receive a complimentary Lifetime Membership to the UMAA, unlocking a wealth of benefits. Those that are new to the University of Minnesota are quickly welcomed into the community and all it has to offer. This amazing UMAA partnership offers incredible opportunities for our residents to relieve their UMN past, engage in unique experiences available only to The Pillars residents and learn from a new generation of University students, professors and faculty.

Recent Event: U of M Day of Service

Every year, the UMAA coordinates the U of M Day of Service to offer opportunities for students, staff and community members to join a group volunteer event and make an impact on our local community. This year, the Pillars of Prospect Park was excited to host one of the volunteer events personalizing Cards for Kids greeting cards. It was one of the most well attended U of M Day of Service events ever!

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“We chose the Pillars of Prospect Park, primarily because of its close proximity to the University of Minnesota and the availability of the Green Line train. We are season ticket holders (50 years) in both football and basketball and our Pillars’ location allows us to easily attend all games; we can even walk in nice weather! We enjoy walking on the beautifully maintained campus and nearby Dinkytown. We are beneficiaries of a number of U of Minnesota programs including OLLI, lectures and presentations from experts at the U and the services of the Physical Therapy Division. The PT students provide significant education and help to the Pillars’ residents. We appreciate the close tie-in with the U and Pillars. There would have been no Cheer Squad without this relationship!”

  • Janet J, UMN Alumni

“The best part of living at the Pillars is we get to share in their programs: Physical Therapy, Athletic, and a large host of speaker and cultural events. Being an alumnus of the U gives me access to online products from other alumni at discount prices. I also can take advantage of their group travel programs.”

  • Peter A, UMN Alumni

“Benefit of proximity to campus: Athletic events (football season ticket holders), church (Grace University Lutheran), walk to Argonne Fraser Library, medical appts at MHEALTH.
Benefit of connection: PT students, OLLIE classes, music programs, athletic tickets.”

  • Bob T, UMN Alumni

“The Chemical Engineering and Material Science Dept. is one of the best in the world! The professors collaborate, which is unusual. There is always something interesting and enriching going on at the U. The Dance & Music programs at Northrup are excellent. The Medical research helps us all. Many of the residents at the Pillars are UM alumni or former faculty members. It is a very enriching community, not to mention the intellectual and exercise programs that are offered!”

  • Chris M, Former UMN Professor

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