Frequently Asked Questions about Senior Living in Mankato

Our Mankato assisted living staff answers some common senior living questions we receive about living at The Pillars of Mankato of Blue Earth County. We cover questions about how to make the right decision, expected costs, move-in options, and much more. If you have any additional senior care questions, please call our staff at 507.344.6777. We look forward to talking and having you visit our community!

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Decision Making FAQs

Q: How do you plan for a future move to senior living?

A: Planning to move into senior living is a big choice. Here at The Pillars of Mankato, we do our best to answer all your questions, give you resources, and the time you need to decide. To help out, we recommend using our Assisted Living checklist while touring senior living communities near you. The checklist allows you to prioritize items that are most important to you and your loved one.

Q: If needed, how is my level of care determined?

A: Prior to move-in, our Mankato nurses and care team will assess your current health and review your medical history to see how we can best meet your needs. They will also discuss your preferences as well as your normal routines to develop a care plan that is tailor-made for you. This individualized service plan details your plan of care and is regularly updated to meet your evolving needs.

Q: How do I arrange a visit to Pillars of Mankato?

A: Please call our Director of Sales and Outreach at 507-344-6777 to set up a tour of our senior living community in Blue Earth County. We can talk with you about your personal circumstances and how we can meet your individual needs during your visit.

Q: Do you allow pets? Can I bring my dog or cat with me?

A: Yes! As a pet-friendly assisted living community, you are welcome to bring your pet with you! If you are comfortable caring for your pet and they are an appropriate pet for the community setting, we would love for them to join our Pillars of Mankato family. Guidelines apply.

Q: How quickly can you help me move in?

A: We work with each family to support their needs as best as we can, including accommodating urgent move-ins when possible. Residents in Mankato Assisted Living and Memory Care receive a full care assessment prior to moving in, which helps our care team develop his/her Individualized Plan. In some cases, a move-in can occur in as little as a day or so.

Q: Can I bring my own furniture?

A: Yes, you can bring your own furniture with you because this is your home! We encourage you to design your apartment to be as comfortable and familiar as possible. Take a look at your new senior living apartment in Mankato, MN!

Q: How does a person get to live at The Pillars of Mankato?

A: People who want to live at Mankato senior living in Blue Earth county will typically visit and take a tour. We show them everything from the library to the pub, from the salon to the putting green. We help people get a feel for the community, the residents, and the leadership team. After taking a tour, many guests decide to put a reservation down on the apartment of their choice and schedule their move-in.

General Information FAQs

Q: What is Mankato community life like now, amid a pandemic, for senior living residents?

A: Due to COVID-19, in-person activities are limited, but are still taking place. We offer a lot of individual activities to help meet the needs of our active residents. This is subject to the infection control protocol, but lately, we’ve been enjoying our entertainers, exercise classes, movies in our theater, and much more – physically distanced, of course. Our Mankato residents are also able to give suggestions for what we should offer next to be able to keep them going.

Q: Are there restrictions on visiting hours?

A: This is our residents’ home, we welcome visitors and work with our families and friends to visit their loved ones at a time that works best for them. Due to COVID-19, our options for visiting are limited. Please contact us for our most up-to-date visiting protocols.

Q: What training do Pillars of Mankato staff receive?

A: We provide continued education and training, clinical care protocols, and multiple quality assurance measures to reinforce our strong standards. The Pillars of Mankato’s extensive training programs have been developed throughout the years and include classroom, online, and hands-on training, as well as employee shadowing and mentoring.

Q: What is the average age of residents in Mankato Assisted Living?

A: While age varies, in general, our residents are in their mid-80’s.

Q: Do I need a doctor’s order to live here?

A: You will only need doctor’s orders if you choose to live at our Mankato Assisted Living or Memory Care neighborhood. As a part of our pre-move-in process, our Outreach and Sales Directors and our Directors of Health Services will need various pieces of information from you. Examples of needed information include health information, financial information, family/next of kin information, etc.

Living Options FAQs

Q: What’s the difference between Assisted Living and Independent Living?

A: A resident who chooses Mankato’s Independent Living package rents an apartment like they would in a regular apartment building. The benefit of living at The Pillars of Mankato as an independent resident is the opportunity to participate in activities and entertainment, the choice to eat chef-prepared meals onsite, and the choice to have housekeeping.

A resident who chooses Mankato’s Assisted Living package gets all benefits of the Independent Living package, and also receives three meals a day, weekly housekeeping, two loads of laundry each week, an emergency safety alert system, daily safety checks, and access to our 24/7 nursing team.

Q: What’s the difference between Assisted Living and Memory Care?

A: Memory Care residents have short or long-term memory challenges that make it best for them to live in a smaller, secure environment. Memory Care at Mankato, MN provides residents with a warm, fun, friendly, and close-knit neighborhood with individual studio apartments, community lounges and kitchens, specialized memory care activity areas, and beautiful outside fenced gardens.

Mankato Assisted Living residents receive individualized care plans to support fulfilled and healthy lifestyles. Our services enable them to live as independently as they can. They are able to enjoy our on-site programs and events while enjoying the local activities Mankato and Blue Earth County have to offer.

Q: Do you buy or rent apartments at The Pillars of Mankato?

A: The Pillars of Mankato is a senior living rental community. Our leases are month-to-month, so there are no long-term commitments. We also offer our Stay by the Day program for short-term stays for Assisted Living and Memory Care in Mankato, MN.

Q: Do we have to sign a long-term lease for the apartment?

A: No. Our Mankato community does not require long-term lease commitments. Our communities require a community fee upon signing the residency agreement. We also require 30 days / one calendar month’s written notice prior to moving out of the community.

Q: Do you offer any short-term stays?

A: Yes, we do offer short-term stays in our community. Our Stay By the Day program is a convenient option when planned or unforeseen circumstances occur such as an extended family vacation or recovery from an illness. Guests can stay with us for 3 to 30 days.

Q: What senior care options are available at The Pillars of Mankato in Minnesota?

A: We offer senior housing options for 55+ independent living, assisted living, short-term stays, and memory care as well as coordination of hospice and other care services.

Q: Can we move in as a couple?

A: Yes! At The Pillars of Mankato, our Journey Program allows couples to live together in a shared apartment surrounded by their familiar belongings. A reduced fee for the 2nd occupant applies.

Medicare and Costs FAQs

Q: How much does it cost to live at Mankato senior living community?

A: Please see our individual price sheets for senior living rental prices and services at The Pillars of Mankato. Come visit us soon! We look forward to greeting you at the door and showing you around.

Q: Does Medicare or Health Insurance pay for senior living?

A: No. However, your health insurance may help to pay for some of the services you receive while living in our community. For example, if you decide to be seen by our visiting Fairview Geriatric Physicians or if you’re receiving prescribed physical therapy or hospice services from our visiting providers, those services can most likely be billed to your health insurance. Some people may have Long Term Care Insurance. Depending on your LTC Insurance Plan, that may help to reimburse you for some of the cost of the services you receive in our assisted living or memory care communities.

Services and Amenities FAQs

Q: Do you have a medication management program?

A: Yes, The Pillars of Mankato has Ebenezer Home Care in-house and offers a medication management program, which may be added to an individualized service plan and varies based on regulations and need. Residents participating in our medication program may choose their own pharmacy or use Thrifty White Pharmacy. If a resident prefers to use an alternate pharmacy, the resident and pharmacy must comply with certain requirements.

Q: Do you offer 24-hour nursing?

A: We have a nurse on-duty 7 days a week during business hours and on-call after hours.

Q: How does the dining program work?

A: In Assisted Living and Memory Care, we serve three meals a day as restaurant-style dining. Emphasizing choice is important. In addition to the unique entrees featured at each meal, we also offer an “always available” menu for our residents.

Q: What types of senior living activities do you offer?

A: Our programming and activities are designed to engage a senior’s mind, body, and spirit. Our mind activities include games, discussion groups, outings, happy hour, and more! The Pillars of Mankato offers daily programming that helps our seniors stay physically active with chair yoga, walking clubs, and much more.

For residents who like to get in touch with their inner spirit, we provide musical programs, classes, and various religious offerings. Additionally, we regularly plan fun and engaging activities outside of the community in Mankato and surrounding areas in Blue Earth County. There is always something to look forward to!